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Edmonton, AB

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People highly regard me as a joker. Although it is always hard for me to crack a joke. I create doodle animated videos that makes the audience's eyeballs grow big as they listen to the presenter. I like to watch time lapse videos. My hope for the future is a world of peace. My dream is to live life without borders.


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  1. Don't worry Martin, there is no such thing as RAW video on the d800. This video is "raw" as Daniel didn't touch it in any program but it is not the RAW you are looking for. The only way to have RAW on nikon cameras is having Nikon playing nice and…
  2. I am realy confuesed Daniel. Someone told me yesterday about the Magig Lantern for Canon cameras. I have been spending hours tonight with my poor english to it right. Googling for Raw video with Nikon ledt you to a lot of either funny or doll places…