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  1. Empowering Innovators

    by Intel subscribed to

    12 Videos / 620 Followers

    Empowering Innovators is a film series that explores the ways in which Intel technology plays a vital role in creative, cultural, and physical endeavors. These films profile individuals who push themselves…

  2. Short

    by Dominic Liu subscribed to

    7 Videos / 4 Followers


  3. Favourites

    by englishcookies subscribed to

    118 Videos / 7 Followers

  4. Videos We Love

    by Quadrid Productions subscribed to

    61 Videos / 5 Followers

    Videos that inspire us.

  5. Capsus.tv

    by Thomas Blanchard subscribed to

    1,570 Videos / 209 Followers

    "Capsus.tv" is a qualitative summary of the videos that are the delight of the web every day http://www.capsus.tv/ https://www.facebook.com/capsus

  6. Short Margin

    by Fabrizio Ulisse subscribed to

    112 Videos / 35 Followers

    Everyday millions of people live their lives in the shadows. They have stories to tell, and great videomakers know how to do it. This channel aggregates the best storytelling and documentary videos…

  7. Socially Minded Documentaries

    by Allison Fisk subscribed to

    1,102 Videos / 3,837 Followers

    This is a channel for filmmakers to put their finished documentaries, trailers, and teasers so that more people can see them and learn about the people and issues we try to advocate for. Unfinished…

  8. My Watch

    by Mona Baizak subscribed to

    25 Videos / 2 Followers

  9. WeAreDN

    by Directors Notes subscribed to

    3,824 Videos / 6,576 Followers

    The What, How & Why of Independent Filmmaking http://www.directorsnotes.com http://www.facebook.com/DirectorsNotes http://twitter.com/WeAreDN


    by Pepe Gay subscribed to

    26 Videos / 7 Followers

    People are telling us stories from all parts of the world.

  11. Documentary Shorts

    by Matt Johanning subscribed to

    38 Videos / 22 Followers

    Nice examples of film making.

  12. Built with Love

    by Diego Teja subscribed to

    29 Videos / 28 Followers

    Construido con amor, es un canal donde encontrarás pequeñas historias sobre grandes cosas hechas a mano. Built with love, is a channel where you'll find small stories of great…

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