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Austin, TX

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D. Yirgou recently completed the 27th grade at the University of Texas, where he studied in the Texas Creative Sequence. He has established himself as one of the premiere documenters of the indie music scene in Austin, Texas and produces, directs, and edits for GLS (goodlucksir.com).


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  1. Alexander Hammer
  2. James Miller
  3. Shynola
  4. Sub Pop Records
  5. Ghostly International
  6. The Departamento
  7. Michael Robinson
  8. Juan Iglesias
  9. Heerko Groefsema
  10. The Work Inc
  11. Alex Bohs
  12. Mutiny Bikes
  13. Jeff Steep
  14. Jonatán López
  15. Joey L
  16. Jose Jones
  17. Meggan Carney
  18. A.J. Mayers

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