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As Triple 9INE Studios Director and Producer, I am focused on delivering clients with the most innovative work possible. Personalizing my work with dynamic concepts and a unique cinematic style is the objective for every project. I'm also very passionate about editing all of my own projects, making sure to actively be involved from concept to finish.

I have been professional stuntman for over 13 years, and fell into the Hollywood film industry because of my extensive Martial Arts background. Now being a veteran performer in the film industry, I'm ready to venture off behind the camera to direct my own projects. I also love being behind the camera itself and editing my own projects.

Making a difference...

I believe that there is no reason for anyone to go without food, especially not children. I also spends my time on worldwide projects, developing and working on creative ways to use my camera to make an impact. Myself and the team at Triple 999 Studios have reestablished a breakfast program to help feed hungry kids in Jamaica. Myself and the team responded with raising over $20,000 and started filming a documentary, helping the kids and community of Granville to express their own prayers and hopes for the future.

Live ~ Love ~ Laugh ~ Listen
Walk in peace :)

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