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Having the great fortune of growing up on television and movies in the height of the '90s animation renaissance, it's no wonder that Dan Senatore took an unhealthy liking to the art of visual story-telling. However, it wasn't until his high school years that he took that passion from a drawing pad, to a stage, and eventually to a video camera. He graduated from Collins College: School of Design and Technology with a BA in Film and Video Production and has sense become a seasoned film editor, video effects animator, storyboard artist, and videographer. Among his greatest feats in video is his writing, directing, filming, and editing of a full 22 minute hunting show pilot episode, which went on to receive a Platinum rating from Sportsman Channel broadcasting executives. Dan also continues to further his talent as a cartoonist and was even hand-picked by "Rocko's Modern Life" creator Joe Murray to attend an online course on developing an animated cartoon series. In six weeks time, Dan completely fleshed out an animated cartoon universe and completed a 150-panel storyboard for a pilot episode, which is currently being voice acted for an animatic.

Film and video, screenwriter, storyboard artist, motion graphics animator, visual effects artist, production designer, graphic design, and lifelong cartoon artist. Is there anything Dan can't do? I don't know. I really don't know.

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  • POF-USA - A website Dan designed and constructed himself.