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Dan is half dreamer, half analyst. Interestingly enough, he spends little time conflicted. Instead of letting the two opposites drive him apart, he taught himself to mesh the two into a lethal combination. So, it seems that Dan is part psychologist as well, which explains the couch in his office. His economics and finance background, mixed with his vision and ability to see past the numbers, meant partnering at Method Models was a dream come true.

Prior to Method, Dan spent more than 10 years managing highly sophisticated and dynamic clientele in the financial sector. He has sourced and grown profitable relationships with high net worth individuals and Hedge Funds at both Barclays Capital and Merrill Lynch & Co in New York City. Dan has arranged and managed the financing, trading, and lending needs of these clients with assets between 100 million and 20 billion dollars. His attention to detail and pursuit of perfection has helped increase companies’ revenues in a significant manner.

Dan’s role at Method Models concentrates on business development, maximizing event activations and ensuring satisfaction for the agency’s clients. He’ll spearhead the launch of Method Models New York office in Fall 2009. After all, New York is the city of big dreams.

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