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DaPaul is a music artist with a passion for his art. His songs talk of love, life, soul and spirit and reaches each listener in a unique way. DaPaul has worked professionally as a session musician/backing vocalist for UK and US artists like; Des'ree, Gabrielle, Eternal, Rhonda Thomas, Jhelisa Anderson and Alexander O'Neal and has appeared in various TV promos like Jools Holland, Pepsi Chart Show, TOTP, VH1 and My Favourite Hymn .

DaPaul's music has an eclectic mix of influences; his gospel roots and love for soul/motown/reggae/stax, jazz/blues and his interest in listening to a well-written song has definitely shaped the artist he is now. 
DaPaul is a songwriter, a storyteller, a listener, and a conscious life observer and introspective musical visionary. He is in touch not only with his own feelings, but with the feelings of others in the world around him. In each song DaPaul writes he captures a magic that resonates with each listening soul in a way that is entertaining and moving. 'My Gift' is the first single from his eminent debut release 'Soulful Spirit' to be released in Spring 2013 and is just a taste of this well-anticipated album. 

DaPaul's roots hail back to a Caribbean church in South London where he found and nurtured his love for the piano and singing. As a session musician and backing vocalist he has worked with; Eternal, Louise, MN8, Cleopatra, Alexander O'Neal, Jhelisa Anderson, Rhonda Thomas, Kloud 9, Des'ree and Gabrielle and has appeared on various TV promos; Jools Holland, GMTV, National Loterry Live, VH1, TOTP and the Montreaux Jazz Festival and The World Music Awards.

DaPaul has had the privilege of working with the UK's finest musicians, many of whom he has known for years in the industry. Being a live performer is the heart of DaPaul's world so quite naturally the production of his album celebrates the best of the UK's contemporary musicians. With drums by Jerry Brown, bass by Trevor McKinley, guitar by the award-winning Ciyo and percussion by the gifted 'Skins' and keyboards by DaPaul 'My Gift' is a composite exemplar of UK contemporary SoulJazz. My Gift was produced by DaPaul & Trevor McKinley, recorded by Alex Desire and mixed and mastered by Mike Collins.

DaPaul's sound is soulful and timeless so watch this space for more from this unique songwriter.......

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