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Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

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DarahRouge is a collective of artists with varying interests ranging from theater, performance art, photography, philosophy, visual art, writing, marching band, traditional theater, documentary making amongst others and yet the one binding factor is that we all have an interest in theater. We started in 2011 driven by our meeting during the production of Marat/ Sade. We are committed to gender equality and democracy in the creative process. The development of new work is through a process of research and discussion and ultimately our aim is to be stimulated intellectually and emotionally by the work we do.. The founding members are Sugiyanti Ariani, Kerensa Johnston Dewantoro, Irfan Hendrian Moh Syafari Firdaus and S.E.Dewantoro and in several productions have worked with a range of artists in the wider community. We seek unusual spaces and relationships in our work and are willing to collaborate with other artists and programs in the future.darahrouge.blogspot.com/

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