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Darien Brito was born the 7th of November of 1987 in Quito-Ecuador. He started his violin studies in the Franz Liszt Conservatory of Music with Leonid Greco (Greece) and Lana Grecova (Rusia). During the year 2007 started to study composition with Felipe Cisternas (Chile) in the same institution. He has played in numerous recitals with ensembles and as a soloist and has obtained national violin prizes. He graduated in 2010 on violin and was awarded by the institution with the “Franz Liszt prize to the academic excellence” and later with the “Cultural Scholarship” by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Culture.

As a composer he has written works for different ensembles, from solo pieces to chamber music, electronic music and orchestral works, and has premiered his pieces mainly in Europe. He has attended workshops and lectures with renowed musicians such as Butch Morris, Pierre Boulez, Steve Reich, Kaia Saaraiaho, Francisco López, Joel Ryan and Douglas Kahn. Currently he is doing his BA of Composition at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Gilius van Bergeijk, Calliope Tsoupaki and Peter Adriaanz, and following courses of sonology and conducting at the same institution.

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