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In the world we live in today, young people often find themselves wrestling with their identity and trying to cope with the various pressures of life. This often leaves young people feeling disillusioned and disconnected. Darin understands the pressures that young people face and is a speaker that connects with his audience in a way that is both refreshing and effective.

Darin has inspired hundreds of thousands of young people with a positive message on what it means to be an overcomer. He believes ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH ATTITUDE.

Growing up with a physical handicap has afforded Darin an unique perspective and an uncanny ability to discover the humorous side of life's situations. Darin has taken his physical handicap and turned it into a stepping stone for success. Darin is widely respected as a champion for young people and his passion has made a lasting impact in youth across the world.

Darin has been featured on CNN and FOX NEWS, he is the author of the books THANK YOU MR. JENKINS (storenvy.com/products/17261-thank-you-mr-jenkins) and the popular teen e-book - THE HAND BOOK.

He also plays a mean game of golf - single handed!!

His inspiring message, “LET ME GIVE YOU A HAND” has been heard across the world by students, parents, teachers and executives.

Darin is an in-demand speaker at school assemblies, camps, educational conferences and corporate gatherings.

You will be inspired, challenged and changed when you hear Darin's story and his ability to look at obstacles as opportunities for something great to happen in your life.

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