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I am a 3d artist and compositor currently living and working in Bristol, UK who loves art, animation and building CG models.

My Showreel contains examples of commercial and personal work; and I will be adding new Showreels over time as I complete new work and projects.

Other self-made projects and experimental video pieces can also be seen here too; and more examples of this work will be added over time.

Please leave comments, and let me know what you think.


  1. GOLEM
  2. Kit Webster
  3. 422 South
  4. Luxovisioni (AVflying/Pixfoil)
  5. little hero
  6. V12media
  7. EunSeon LEE
  8. Rickard Bengtsson
  9. GOBELINS pro
  10. BLIINK
  11. Motioncult
  12. djwaterman
  13. Joyrider Films
  14. Edouard Salier
  15. Rita Sampaio
  16. Malcolm Sutherland
  17. Dominique Bongers
  18. Lesley Farrow

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