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I am a freelance videographer and photographer based in Brisbane, Queensland. I am conveniently located between the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Brisbane CBD and Toowoomba.

I have a wide variety of local and international clients for whom I provide camera operation, video editing and photographic services.

From local real estate agents and small business owners, to entrepreneurs and international production houses, I collaborate with each of my clients to ensure quality productions and complete satisfaction.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and all aerial videography is contracted to CASA Certified UAV Operators.

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  1. 180 Degree shutter angle with 24p will always give you 1/48 shutter speed. If you change your framerate it will change automatically. So the good thing about 180 Degree is that you always will have the 'correct' shutter speed.