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What is now called Dave's Sports Shop was started in 1957 by Dave's parents, Jude and Gert VanderHoek, in downtown Lynden as "Jude's Sporting Goods & Housewares." The shop was located at 411 Front Street, the current location of Colony House Furniture. Within a couple years, the sporting goods section outgrew the housewares, and "Jude's Sporting Goods" was born. Today the Lynden Pioneer Museum has a replica of the storefront containing many authentic photos and products from Jude's. The shop served local sportsmen in this location for fifteen years, until the first of several expansions.

In 1972, the VanderHoeks moved the store the new Fairway Center, and joined the "Coast to Coast Hardware" franchise. The new store at 1712 Front Street (currently Family Christian Bookstore) stocked a full line of hardware in addition to an expanded Sporting Goods line. In 1976, Dave VanderHoek and Dean Hendricks joined in partnership with Jude and Gert. The store operated successfully at this location for another fourteen years, until 1986 when the JC Penny's building at 1736 Front Street became available. Having outgrown their current location, the partners eagerly took on the task of moving and expanding. Coast to Coast served the community's hardware, garden, and sporting needs for fourteen more years, through 1999 when the Coast to Coast corporation underwent a merger resulting a change for the local store to Ace Hardware & Sports.

Through all of these years, the sporting goods section continued to grow, but remained in a small two thousand foot section in the back of the store. Though the space was tight, it quickly became a popular gathering place for local sportspeople.

When the Kooy family decided to build a new section to the Fairway Center, and our nextdoor neighbors at Fairway Drug decided to move to the new building, the time was ripe for expansion, and Dave jumped at the opportunity. After nearly a year of planning and work, the new store at 1738 Front Street is open with 6,300 square feet; more than triple the previous sporting goods section! If you haven't had a chance to visit our new shop, come see the store for yourself!

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