David Andre Andersen

Horten, Vestfold, Norway

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I'm an 19 year old norwegian amateur film maker and upcoming student at NISS (Nordisk institutt for Scene og Studio) 2012/13. I'm going to study film and television and are looking foreward to it every day. My goal is always to creat entertaining and good movies. Feelings are important to me in every movie I make, even if it's an action movie or a comedy. I love to make movies because they can touch and move so many people in so many different ways, in ways they them self did't know was possible. Movies has always been there for me and they have helped me escape from the hard and difficult things in my life, in my reallity. Movies has shaped me and they have influenced me in everything I do. I love to create unique pieces of art. Cause movies are art. I love to work with others, be a part of a crew, a family. And I love to work with such creative people that the film industry provides. I love to create, share and to be a part of a greater cause than myself. Besides being a director I love to act myself, and thinks it is incredible to be both behind and in front of the camera. It gives me more control and I often feel more relaxed. But with that said, I also enjoy to work with other actors, and that's important. I dream and hope that I'm gonna get the privilage to create movies for a living and that I with my skills can provide something different and interesting to Norwegian and possibly International films.This is my only dream and goal. Feel free to comment my movies or too send me an mail. I love to get feedback, and I love to speak and interact with others. So I guess I see you guys around, then! Cheers!


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