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Online Editor
Tangerine Post Production
December 2009 – Present
Online Credits:

Frank's DIY Brides (Firebrand)

Celebrity Mastermind (Sideline/TV3)

The Rubberbandits Comedy Blaps (Sideline/CH4)

Would You Believe: Auntie's Family Secrets (RTÉ)

God Bless The Greeks: A Portrait of Tómas MacAnna (RTÉ)

The Model Scouts (Sideline)

An Cór Series 1&2 (Sideline)

Hook in Haiti (Sideline)

Teens in The Wild Series 2 (Firebrand)

Families in The Wild (Firebrand)

Head Chef & Celebrity Head Chef (Sideline)

Clear The Way (Tile Films)

The Importance of Being Whatever (Accomplice TV)

Online Editor
Earth Horizon
October 2009 – December 2009

Assitant Editor
October 2009 – December 2009

Assistant Editor
Bobby C TV
July 2009 – October 2009


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