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Ive been composing music for 10 years now and still loving it. Expressing my self through music is what keeps me sane.

Ive produced: "Everything" - Young Jeezy (ft. Anthony Hamilton & Lil Boosie) [CTE/Def Jam/Universal] "We From Florida" - Preacher (ft. Rick Ross & Jacki O) [Double P Music] "We From Florida Remix" - Preacher (ft. Haitian Fresh, Papa Duck & Treal) [Double P Music] "Tattoo" (Tat It Up) - The Alliance (ft. Fabo of D4L) - Stolen Track/Litigation Pending [Asylum/Warner] "I'm Da Shit" - Big Kuntry King (Beastro Mixtape) [Grand Hustle/Atlantic] "Blank Check" - Pastor Troy (Unreleased-Exclusively for Street Market) [SMC Recordings] "Bricks To Marble" Mixtape/Produced Multiple Tracks - 2win Hosted by DJ Scream for [Dirty Ratt Records] What Dey Ask For by Young Breed ft. Rick Ross & Scotti Boi [Def Jam Records] And over 63 albums and demos for local acts.


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