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I’m currently studying BSc Live Event Technology at the University of Glamorgan – Wales. I hope to graduate in 2013.
Having a range of knowledge in the field of live events and theatre productions, I often feel the need of pursuing new experiences from the technical side of productions, as well as the artistic side. I’m conscious of the demands in areas, aware of the new trends and markets, and who is the final consumer. To expand my area of expertise, I involve myself in several marketing researches, new audiences and plays, and new festivals all over the world to understand the clients’ needs.
I grew up in Portugal and specialized in Cinema and Video in my high-school , having knowledge from screen writing to film direction.
To improve my knowledge of the profession, I’ve decided to apply to study in the United Kingdom in the field of Live Events, for being outspread in terms of subjects.
The time spent in Portugal gave me the opportunity to experiment several events’ productions, giving me the chance to manage teams, producing content and work as a stage manager during these shows.
In the United Kingdom I’ve discovered my willingness to travel around the world, meet new people, and be constantly learning about the wilderness that is the event industry.
I aspire to be a Project Consulter, to manage teams in the field and be part of a reliable and named company, as a trustworthy asset to them.

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