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Website: davidhambridge.com

As an artist David is currently based in Raleigh, N.C. – his interest lies in documentary filmmaking, mixed-media production, and experimenting with visual communication. His work has ranged from directing documentary assignments abroad to editorial work on various Discovery television shows, as well as a camera operator for ACC sporting events while in college. With a foundation in editing, David has closely worked as a contributing editor for the documentary film ‘Without a Fight’ (withoutafight.org) released in Spring 2012. Being no stranger to tackling tough subject matter, his directorial debut was for a film My Masculinity Helps (mymasculinityhelps.com) which explores the roles of men in sexual violence prevention.

Currently, David is directing the documentary TROPHY GAMES (trophygamesfilm.com) that's production was funded through a $38,000 Kickstarter pledge. Production begins May 14th, 2015.

As a documentary filmmaker, David is interested in the most intimate storytelling possible.
As a commercial filmmaker, he just wants you to say, "Damn, that was rad."
As a regular guy, all he needs is to be able to ride his Harley chopper, eat tacos, and spend time with the people he loves.

contact: info@davidhambridge.com
phone: (919) 624-1844

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