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Sydney, Australia

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David Joshua Ford is an Australian-born film director based in New York City. He directs award-winning short films, music videos, documentaries and commercials. Directing graduate of the prestigious Australian Film Television & Radio School in Sydney, David’s visual style often favours heightened realism, with bold colours and contrasts, and narratives which transcend the ordinary world without becoming sentimental.

International travel shaped David’s outlook and career, culminating in directing and narrating Children With Hope, a one-hour Foxtel documentary about his impressions of a Mozambican orphanage. His photographic work has taken him all over the globe, particularly South America, Asia and Africa, and his work was part of the Parliament House exhibition Create to Advocate.

His film A Little Bit Of Magic won ABC's Australian Story competition for his portrayal of the chief policy advisor on gun control reform in Australia.

In 2008 David was a travel presenter and filmmaker with the ABC2 Fanging It series. David also co-hosted Scout, a music TV show broadcast on Channel 31 in Australia from 2007-2009.

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