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I'm a former writer and AMV video editor that I'm trying to reincarnate. I'm somewhat of a hybrid writer: I write about fiction/non-fiction. I've never written any shows or movies. I go to school mainly because the industry changed video editing software's and I have to learn Avid Media Composer which I think is a pain, but it's rewarding. I use 5.5 since my old Apple portable machine can't handle anything above that. I still use Final Cut Studio, but have to use Avid because its the standard in the television and film industry. I would love to get faster in it. I just wish Media Composer made it easier. So now I'm practicing on Avid when I don't have projects (I should get an external drive dedicated for Media Composer).

I love sound and I'm very sound oriented. I took ProTools classes in 2009/2010 which helped my hearing.

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