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David Poulshock is an award-winning filmmaker based in the Northwest. His passion for storytelling – which for David is all about the question, “Then what happens!?” – most probably began at birth.

His creative achievements include the best-selling Wee Sing kidvids, experimental short films, screenplays, national commercials and even a public television series on higher mathematics (he was, in fact, briefly comfortable with Chaos Theory).

David’s original screenplays – ranging from magical realism and political satire to quirky suspense thriller and true crime – have won accolades from Sundance, Chesterfield, Austin Heart of the Screenplay, Writer’s Network, Independent Film Project, Nicholl Fellowships, and many others.

After a ten-year stint as keyboardist for the legendary Northwest cult band Upepo (inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame), David followed his love of music and storytelling to the world of film and video.

David is a former Chairman of the Willamette Writers Conference and former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Northwest Academy, an arts-infused independent school grades 6-9. He lives in the Northwest with his Partner Gini Chin and their boxer Boulou.

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