David Reed-Brown

Simsbury, CT USA

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I am a professional speaker and entertainer who inspires people with magic. I have been ordained clergy for two decades, so I tell amazing stories from my life that enlighten, teach, and celebrate what it means to overcome great challenges; to be our truest selves; to challenge our assumptions and experience a love that connects all of us together.

I do it this for completely secular and sacred audiences of 5 to 2,500 people. In addition to speaking with magic for youth and adults, I have a stand-up cabaret show, and also do strolling magic. I perform a classic magic show that is uplifting and interactive. In my performances, members of the audience work wonders. A woman floats herself in mid-air. A four-year-old does sleight of hand. Grandma reads my mind, and from my hands I fill the stage with a rainbow of butterflies.

If you would like to direct people’s hearts and minds towards the very real Wonder in our world, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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