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Concept and creation of image productions for various companies. With an engaged team I've worked for various companies such as PostNL, Nikon, Vodafone, Het Gelders Orkest and many others.

Next to this commercial work I spend time on my personal initiated projects. In this work I strive to bring a world to the surface where the flow of time is absent. In the events I capture I try to find stillness in life, moments frozen in time.

In my work I try to evoke questions about the way we live and what role we choose to have in life. Are we capable to define beauty, do we know when we see it? It is my quest to look for beauty in the events that life gives us, everyday and always.

My work is exhibited on various shows and is nominated and awarded by several festivals. This body of work includes photography and film. With my film 'M22' I won prizes such as the 'Best International Filminute 2013' and have been nominated by festivals in Canada, Ukraine and Serbia.

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