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I recently received my Master's in Animation and Visual Effects from Academy of Art University. I also graduated with a BFA in Digital Art from Arizona State University. I thoroughly enjoy modeling, rigging, and animation and consequentially I love character development. Its like designing, building, and driving your own car. I feel that 3d animation allows me to express my artistic capability and pushes my skill capacity to new levels. Modeling allows me study the anatomy of a character and allows me to express my taste in design. Rigging allows me to study how a character moves and it teaches me to think not just as an artist but in a technical-problem solving way. Animation, I must say, is my favorite category. As I am told very often, I am quite the character with quite the personality. Animation characters allow me to channel my personality and dramatic vision into a world, a theatre, that would, otherwise, be nonexistent. There is nothing I can't do in such a world..... But back to earth.... I also thoroughly enjoy Photoshop Illustration and Music Composition as a hobby. There is so much for me to learn... There is so much for me to do.... I will not stop until there is nothing left... of course, this means that I'll be doing this forever... Which is exactly how I want it to be....In the world of art art is never finished.... Strive for perfection, even if perfection never comes. :) Enjoy the show.

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