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David Winkfield is a Brooklyn based filmmaker working in various industries ranging from independent film to advertising. He has had to maintain and develop an evolving skill set to stay competitive as an After Effects Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Director.

He received his BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design and originally trained as a painter but developed a passion for filmmaking and concentrated his energies studying the foundation of the Plastic Arts.

A member of the digital generation he has made innumerable short films, soap operas, parodies, documentaries, and webseries. Unfortunately, most, if not all, have disappeared into the ether of his youth only to be found in consignment shops somewhere in the mid-west between a fever dream and an old toaster oven.

He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Courtney, his son, Henry, daughter, Ellie, and their unbelievably human-like Chocolate Lab - Garp.

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