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  1. RHED Pixel

    RHED Pixel PRO Washington, DC


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    RHED Pixel is a visual communications company located near Washington, DC. Richard Harrington: Author, Consultant, Digital Dude, Geek, Photographer, Husband and Father. Personal blog – www.RichardHarringtonBlog.com

  2. Souverein

    Souverein Plus Netherlands


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    Souverein consists of a group of creative individuals who specialize in high end image creation in various forms. We work together with photographers, autonomous artists, agencies and large brand companies to combine creativity, years of experience and professional expertise to form outstanding visuals.…

  3. Richard Harrington
  4. Future Media Concepts

    Future Media Concepts PRO New York


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    FUTURE MEDIA CONCEPTS, INC. (FMC), established in 1994, is the nation's premier digital media training organization providing manufacturer-authorized training in digital video and film editing, motion graphics, web design and development, sound design, 3D animation, desktop publishing, architectural…

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