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Days of Season got their start in 2010. When Fuma, the guitarist, was helping a friend line up musicians for a new band, he met John- an up and coming drummer from Yonkers. The two had incredible chemistry and started working together.

Soon afterwards they found a vocalist, Lu, and recorded their debut album, “Turning Point” and produced their first official music video for their single, “Full of It.”
A few months later, Lu left the band for personal reasons. With so much on their plate, the guys were anxious to find another singer. Just a week after Lu left, they met Emily, an aspiring singer from Dobbs Ferry, NY. The chemistry between the three of them was strong, and in just a few weeks they wrote and recorded four new songs toward their next album.
The combination of Fuma’s rock background, John’s punk background, and Emily’s experience with pop and musical theater proved to be lively and dynamic. They looking forward to the future.

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