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I am DavidButYouCanCallMeTokyo.

I am the creator of the "(Blank) Has Been Kidnapped" music video series.

The "(Blank) Has Been Kidnapped" music video series is a collection of random recorded video footage shot from/on/with and through my iphone and blackberry cameras. These random video clips are then pieced together with music to convey a story surrounding fundamental truths. Like art, view these videos with an open mind and see what story you uncover. Generate discussion.

Future episodes of this ongoing series will be based around the "original" master video "(Blank) Has Been Kidnapped." Each new episode will incorporate new random video footage, new music, thereby a new story. What story will you see?

Kidnapping is bad. This video series is symbolic ONLY. Never lose who you are...or you in essence kidnap yourself.

The grainy and pixelated look of the videos are meant to feel like they were "uncovered" and/or "unauthorized".

Enjoy. New episodes coming soon!

I am DavidButYouCanCallMeTokyo

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