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Talent comes in all forms. However some people are naturally gifted with incredible talent that stands out from other people within that same genre. This is what can be said about music artist "Dead Serious".

Gregory Way known in the music world as "Dead Serious" is a rap artist from Philadelphia. Naturally gifted with the ability to rap, Dead Serious started rapping at the early age of 10 years old. Since his childhood he has pursued a music career by performing at various shows and music competitions around the city of Philadelphia. Always a motivated person with a drive for success, Dead Serious has performed at many showcases locally in his hometown Philadelphia as well as traveling to many different states such as New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland to perform and showcase his talents. He has personally worked with some industry executives from Def Jam, Universal, and Warner in an effort to further his career,network and also to do more performances in order to show his musical capabilities to the entire world.

Dead Serious's future goals are to place himself in a better position inside the music industry so that his music can be heard by the mass public. With the release of a few singles off his upcoming album titled "Seriously", Dead Serious plans to show the industry that he has a unique style to bring diversity to a time in music that needs it the most. That Time is His.

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