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Seattle, WA

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The majority of my editing experience is with the production and editing of 3-5 minute environmental restoration, marine science and fisheries-related videos. I'm part of a small production office that films mostly in the coastal areas of the United States and edits in Seattle, WA.

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  • Getting Back to Local - Purchasing local, sustainable seafood is a boon to restaurant business and local fishermen; patrons eat healthy, fresh and tasty seafood.
  • A Symphony of Sharks - NOAA Fisheries proudly presents an ode to sharks and shark research.
  • Aquaculture: A Promising Future - Aquaculture creates opportunity for commercial fisherman.
  • A River Reborn - Just south of Seattle, the Boeing Corporation has created the largest habitat restoration project on the Lower Duwamish River.
  • Restoring Fisheries - Part of restoring commercially and recreationally important fish populations happens through restoring the habitat of those species and the species they feed upon. Repairing degraded fish habitat is the specialty of NOAA's Restoration Center.
  • Great American Surfclam - The surfclam fishery was the first to have a fishery management plan. Today, it is a successful fishery in the U.S. The most recent stock assessment found the population to be healthy and abundant. Tour with Monte Rome of Intershell International Corp.
  • Managing Shark Populations - Cindy Tribuzio explains the science behind assessing the age of a shark–in this case– the Pacific spiny dogfish, and finding out their range and areas that they travel.


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