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I am an experienced documentary editor (Avid, FCP and Media 100). My work has been on PBS, Cinemax and Bravo and it has been nominated for the Grand Jury Prize (Sundance) and Best Documentary (Cinequest San Jose). I have also produced television shows for Nickelodeon, CBS Cable and PBS, so my understanding of production goes beyond my skill set as an editor. Editing, however, is my passion. I have a reputation for finding stories in hidden places, pulling a strong narrative thread from a tangle of footage and actually enjoying the challenge in shooting mishaps.

At this point in my life, nothing stands in the way of my work and I am someone who has always been able to hit the ground running. And as far as lost footage, bad sound and technical screw-ups go? They have always led to such interesting solutions that I have come to embrace them as an almost welcome part of the creative process.


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  1. This was like being at the movies and watching "shorts" -back in the day! Super creative cutting and I appreciate your visual sense of humor.
  2. Really interesting. The images do the story-telling.