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About myself... Im just a kid moving along in his career to success. Im hoping to see my friends there as well. My music background isn't much different then the typical story that youv'e heard a hundred times. You know, the whole 'I have been doing music since I was a child... and grew up in the church choir' speech. Truthfully, I didn't start taking music seriously until about 4 years ago, and now I'm pushing forward full steam.

I remember selling my first beat for only $25 to a local rapper named "Ready" haha.... I was toooooooo excited... I don't know what the overwhelming feeling was that came over me at that moment. It might have been the thought that I gained some respect from my peers for my craft... It could have been the thought someone believed that my music was good enough to invest in... Whatever it was, I felt good that I had turned a hobby into something more...

~Sidebar: The struggles in believe in life can make, break, and rebuild a person. I have been at all ends of the spectrum just like everyone else. I also believe that the journey is the best part; Thank You Mom;-)

Right now.... Im in a place where things are looking up and Im still free to explore different avenues in music and life. I hope in your life that you find happiness and joy in what you do and who you are.

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