Deep Cover

Chicago, IL

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Collection of work all shot and edited by Nathan Gregory. Deep Cover is a collection of work derived from the chicago music scene both local and touring. Archiving music that makes up present day.


  1. Natalie Chami
  2. Rand Sevilla
  3. Ellen Nielsen
  4. Tim Heidecker
  5. Nic Maier
  6. Kim Laughton
  7. Jesse Jesster
  8. Light In The Attic Records
  9. Matt Minter
  10. Charles Cadkin
  11. Brian Davila
  12. robert cole manis
  13. Jenna Caravello
  14. Ian Friley
  15. Austin C. Pruett
  16. Kyle Ogilvie
  17. Sean Dunne
  18. Dann Lawrence

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