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Portland, Oregon

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With a passion for design, Deep Sky is a tight-knit studio where innovation, creativity and fun can’t tell each other apart. Where people care about the work they do, the story it tells, and the impact it makes.

We are graphic designers, illustrators, animators, programmers, producers and directors. With a fluency in a wide range of media languages, we excel in technical accuracy and creative foresight.

The success of our studio is due to Creative Director, Jared Hobbs’ vision; “To create work I can share, that is unique, innovative, and tells a story. Something that will be remembered long after the day’s end”.

That humble vision started as a one-man show in 2003, and quickly grew to become Portland’s leading creative production agency. We now produce cutting-edge visual content for companies such as Nike, Microsoft, Adobe and Freightliner, as well as small businesses and individuals throughout the community.

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