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Degree South was formed in 2005 as an Australian photo collective made up of eight distinguished photojournalists. Their reach and audience has been global although there is an accent on their region – the Asia Pacific.

Degree South represents Tim Page, Stephen Dupont, Ben Bohane, Jack Picone, Ashley Gilbertson, David Dare Parker, Michael Coyne and our “missing friend” Sean Flynn, who went MIA in Cambodia in 1970. All bring decades of reportage with them, photos that document humanity and inhumanity, great moments in history and art, as well as the quiet struggles of everyday life.

This celebrated group were brought together by their shared experience of covering conflict, from Vietnam to present day Afghanistan. Their first project was thus War; now a book and traveling exhibition.

Wars are complex situations that defy easy answers. With the courage of a soldier and the eye of a witness these photographers have created images of power and compassion that can influence public opinion, have historical significance and even reawaken a responsibility in humanity to deal with them.

They are part of an Australian photographic lineage that includes Frank Hurley, Hubert Wilkins, Max Dupain, George Silk and Damien Parer.

However their collective photo diversity and range of interests promise many different subjects (including Peace) to come.

The idea was not to set up a photo agency selling day to day pictures, but to work on realizing a combined project every 2-3 years. Books, exhibitions and workshops, drawing on archives and experience made often under tough circumstances, give the members a chance to reflect collectively and bring to fruition themes which circuit through their work.

Photojournalists tend to be highly individualistic but the bonds of camaraderie forged in the field can create friendships like no other. Degree South represents their group spirit and a unique Australasian eye.

South endeavors to provide an unflinching, yet humane view of our world in all its wonder and trouble.


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