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DEITY's , Haunting, heart catching, rich mezzo second soprano voice and stunning exotic dance moves instantly captures audiences into her Realm all over the world. All her life, Deity naturally has been in the Realm of music, feeling every beat, melody and rhythm making her one of the most powerful performers to see on stage to date. Deity, born on Christmas Day in Nurnburg Germany, Has always been in her own Realm of Music.

Deity's humble beginnings as a professional singer started in 96 when she auditioned her raw talent to perform in a successful cover band. During that experience she improved her stage and Live vocal performance studying voice and vocal care under an instructors direction and through that becoming a classically trained vocalist in the learned art of Italian Opera. Because of her powerful voice, her teacher gave her the option of becoming an opera singer but Deity's soul was on the path of electronic syth pop.

Deity was told by her producer to take hip hop dance lessons to strengthen her stage persona. Instead she became trained in the classical South Indian temple Dance of Bharatanatyam. This kind of dancing attracted Deity, allowing her to tell stories not with just her voice but with her hands, body, eyes and hypnotic soul.

Deity's writing ability comes from her heart . Although She has been singing for 13 years she has been writing for 11 years. Her ability to hear and feel words in melodies make her well sought after by composers and producers the same. She writes music with musicians from all over the world, some she has never met before by taking the selective piece and producing her own clean vocals in her private studio. She also writes her own music on the piano allowing emotions and music to just flow out from her vocal heart. Performing: Deity has a very powerful and commanding stage presence. Audiences everywhere cherish her unique stage abilities and majestic voice. She has pleased audiences everywhere including Portland, Canada, California, Washington, Arizona. with the demand of fans, coming soon Internationally.



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