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Delafia Studio is a design and animation company that performs its work from Buenos Aires to the rest of the world.
Starting from an original concept, we use a wide variety of techniques, generating the most innovative animation results in all our projects. We constitute a talented and professional team that is committed to creativity and high quality in different areas: illustration, design, motion graphics, 3D animation, film, photography, post production and marketing. We love what we do, and every day we feel more passionate about our work. Founded and directed by Lucas Salvietti, audiovisual designer, and marketing graduate Augustine Gavino, Delafia Studio emerges from the strategic fusion of these two successful professionals, both with a remarkable experience in the audiovisual field. They take responsibly the art direction job, creating a distinctive and unique concept, and developing the most creative and efficient animation solutions. Keeping direct contact with our clients, Delafia Studio is best known for high quality, commitment and reliability in all our projects.

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