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Welcome and thank you for visiting our Vimeo Profile!

DE LA PARRA Mobile Solutions is a group of creative developers that provide with easy to use and entertaining applications for mobile devices including iOS and Android platforms.

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Our focus as developers is divided into three main categories:


-Small Business Applications (SBA)

-Entertainment & Lifestyle Applications

Thus, our ability to develop applications directs us to a specific market for SBA and gives us the opportunity to provide mobile solutions to our customers with low prices and solid results, creating a link between the target sought by our customer, whether for internal communication applications or open to the public for purposes of promotion and marketing.

For the Lifestyle and Entertainment category, we provide applications using market research and generate hours of fun for our customers, putting all the necessary information within a single application.

We focus having in mind our multimedia production expertise to accompany our range of services for our customers, with over 12 years experience in the market.

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