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Bucharest, Romania

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Del Roots is an young new romanian artist of the electro-trance scene. His style consists of various combined influences, in unique ways.
Has for him, the 22 year old was born in a loving environment, in the city of Bucharest.With his mother a retired painter, and his father a musician, it was only natural he'd be attracted to the two art forms in a equally enthusiastic manner. Has of early his life was marked by a disability.At first unable to walk at all, however with time able to walk with difficulty, he was determined to get the most out of life, has it is. At the age of sixteen, after graduating from elementary school, encouraged by his best friend and having the need to occupy his time, he started out computer graphics. Later on, discovering the potential he has for this art form, he decided to take up his mother-inherited drawing abilities in a more serious manner. Thus in parallel to music he's also working on perfecting his drawing stile and graphic art works.
Music was for Del Roots at first a medium to work with, he found it easier to express himself in a drawing when he was listening to something, after various style experiments, electro, house, trances, seemed to fit to him like a glove. It was no sooner that he graduated from high-school, that he had even more time to spare, has if being editor-in-cheif to a publication wasn't enough, he decided it was time for something more, something he'd kept under wraps for a very long time, something that was waiting for the right moment to surface. That something was music.
Inspired by his father's style of listening to classical music, isolating individual elements from a track, Roots found it easy to identify the various styles of bands or artists, has he tries to create his on style on the music scene.

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