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DeniseLawrence.Com- the concept alchemy company - creates and bundles universal social engineering brands and systems designed to produce maximum social and financial returns. As creator I develop brands that support people in leading sustainable empowered lives. As a “bundler” I access my capability of mobilizing financial and human assets to improve the human condition and focus on the connections between people as the ultimate resource and spark for transformation. I have a passion for peace and try to transfer that passion to everyone I come in contact with.

I am excited about developing our newest brand, Pandora's Pantry -, a global philanthropic edutainment adventure brand leveraging the intelligent compassion of women through kindhearted commerce, and offering online and person-to-person experiences for the fulfillment of needs and aspirations and - a worldwide gathering place and networking platform which is developing into an ONE voice movement branded as a voice for the strident efforts of women.

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