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Denver, CO

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About The DBC

The Denver Bouldering Club is a unique climbing gym that caters to dedicated climbers. Members of the club have 24-hour access to the gym! We work hard to make the Denver Bouldering Club the highest caliber climbing experience it can be. Our goal is to enhance the Denver climbing scene through motivation, community, and stewardship–in addition to the incredible training opportunities!

Features Include:
- Over 3,000 Square Feet of Climbing Surface
- 15’ Tall Bouldering
- Exciting Route Setting: 200+ Problems
- 24/7 Access for Members
- Climbing Media Center
- Free Wi-Fi
- Expert Climbing Instruction and Classes

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  • - The best bouldering in Denver! Our doors are open to members 24/7, but guests are welcome to contact us for a time to come by and climb.


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