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The work is based on concepts aligned with the minimalist tradition. The nature of working abstractly allows me to integrate statements, stories or a mere thought into the work, hidden amongst motifs to be further deciphered. Combining spontaneous color choices, repetition, intuition with other painterly techniques creates stark differences in contrast, shape, tone and form. An abandonment of concern for figurative representation has led to these ideas, expressed through visual patterns and rhythms.

Thoughts, appearing in abstraction, can be communicated using allegory in a pictographic way. The audience does not always need to know the exact account. By including impressions within narratives, conceptual statements are made. Sometimes this notion may be emphasized in the title; often it is not.

Originating through a process of combining theoretical objectives with ancient alphabets, the roots of my street art pieces often incorporated intricate line work and art deco tones. Geometry expands, building upon usual symbols such as stars, arrows, clouds and bubbles which gives the work a three-dimensional feel, challenging perspective. While the work is a modern interpretation, its aim is to speak to the viewer through the language of the street.

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