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Derek Taylor’s moving image work is an amalgamation of documentary and experimental forms, consisting of films about history, travel, time, space and the nuances of perception. The overriding theme of “space” manifests itself in several contexts in his work: physical, geographical and transformative. His creative activity has continued to evolve, with a very defined interest in the hybridization of both of these forms (experimental and documentary) and a clear focus on the investigation of both the ephemeral and the permanent in the human experience. His work has been screened at a number of festivals both nationally and internationally. He received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and currently teaches media production in Connecticut.


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  1. Hi Evangelia. Thanks for your interest in my film. The only way to view the entire film is by purchasing it at Amazon. Just keyword search "A North Woods Elegy." I have had a bunch of recent screenings in Upstate/Central New York over the last year…
  2. Hi ,thanks for uploading this video,I'm wondering where can I watch the whole documentary ... I'm very interested in the Chester Gillette/ grace brown murder case. There aren't that many photos of them on the net ..