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User Bio Foundation's objective - to provide the cultural heritage environment with affordable software for collection management - is orchestrated by our Foundation through:

Research and testing of existing applications by its professional partners rooted in the international museum community.

Research in IT development by its professional IT partners and relations.

and executed by way of:

Bringing together the IT specialists and cultural heritage professionals to develop and implement new standards, techniques and Terms of References to enable implementation and distribution of software in concert with its partners.

Distribute the extensively tested applications through the internet, monitor feedback and dynamically upgrade the applications.

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  1. Additional info: 13 performances were produced in Theater Dortmund (Germany) directed by Anja Nicklich with Dutch conductor Jac van Steen. And by the Summer Opera in Alden Biesen, (Belgium) juni 2006, dirctor Maja Jantar and conductor) Koen Kessels.