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  1. 10:15


    by Design Museum

    8 Videos

    To celebrate 25 Years, the Design Museum presents an exclusive series of interview videos with some of the industry’s most important designers talking about their favourite item from the Design…

  2. 01:16:32

    New Design Museum

    by Design Museum

    34 Videos

    Timelapse footage from on site at the building of the new Design Museum. Find out more about the project on Tumblr: http://newdesignmuseum.tumblr.com/ #NewDesignMuseum

  3. 38:09

    Design Ventura and Virtual Ventura

    by Design Museum

    13 Videos


  4. 10:54

    Building the new Design Museum

    by Design Museum

    16 Videos

    Monthly timelaspe films from the new Design Museum building site in West London. Find out more about the project at http://newdesignmuseum.tumblr.com/

  5. 16:47

    Designers in Residence 2012

    by Design Museum

    4 Videos


  6. 01:02:51

    Digital Crystal: Swarovski at the Design Museum

    by Design Museum

    19 Videos

    5 September 2012 - 13 January 2013 #DigitalCrystal http://digitalcrystal.designmuseum.org/

  7. 07:12

    Get into Design

    by Design Museum

    4 Videos

    Three day design and make courses at the Design Museum, delivered by industry specialists aimed at young people. http://designmuseum.org/families/young-people

  8. 07:31

    Designs of the Year 2012

    by Design Museum

    9 Videos

    Designs of the Year is the Design Museum’s annual exploration of the most innovative, interesting and forward-looking work in design of all kinds, from around the world. Visit the exhibition…

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