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Dev Dapree was born December 31, 1990. She was born in St.Petersburg, Florida where she lived until 3 days after she turned 8 years old. Every since she can remember she has loved music, and loved to perform. Dev Dapree would hear stories about how her grandmother would take her to church and she wouldn’t stop dancing on the pews singing. When Dev Dapree was 8 she moved to Washington, DC where she saw life at a different angle than the southern upbringing she was raised in. Living up north was different to her and changed her forever.

Dev Dapree lived in the northwest, northeast southeast DC and Capitol Heights, MD.due to continuous moving. Tragedy and poverty struck deep growing up as well as a long going tense relationship between her family members and the absence of her own parents. Dev only found peace in her music. Even though most would say she acted out , and didn’t deserve the finer things due to many behavior issues in elementary school, being expelled from junior high school and the numerous suspensions in high school , she still chased her dreams.

Dev Dapree was given the opportunity to go to Bowie State, and there she met many of the partners she works with today. Administrators and professors saw great potential in her. Dev Dapree soon became a hit on campus, performing at all events, producing shows, hosting shows as well as Home Coming Events at prominent venues in the DC & Pg Area. Dev Dapree had the privilege of opening for Roscoe Dash, Juelz Santana & Cali Swagg District. She took her talents to visual arts, becoming a photographer and videographer providing great quality.

In 2010 Dev Dapree moved to Baltimore where she started her own group 365 Grind Entertainment, filled with great indie artist all with the same goal. To make it, and be the best at “it”. Ever since then she has enter-twined her dreams with Murk Entertainment, and is on the road to success.

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