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  1. 11:32

    Diane Arbus

    by DEVELOP Tube

    3 Videos

    Diane Arbus (American, 1923–1971) is one of the most distinguished American photographers of the 20th century, known for her arresting black-and-white photographs of children, artists, and famous…

  2. 13:22

    Almost Europe

    by DEVELOP Tube

    2 Videos

    AE is an independent project of documentary photography: We believe in independent journalism, in the responsibility our profession bestows on us and are aware that the editorial market cannot any…

  3. 09:15:10


    by DEVELOP Tube

    14 Videos

    Phonar - [fo-'när] is a free and open undergraduate photography class run by Jonathan Worth and Matt Johnston from the photography team at Coventry University in the UK : #phonar (Photography…

  4. 03:27:59

    Autograph ABP

    by DEVELOP Tube

    24 Videos

    Autograph ABP is an international photographic arts agency that addresses issues of cultural identity and human rights. We develop, exhibit, and publish the work of phoographers from culturally diverse…

  5. 17:48

    Richard Kalvar - Magnum

    by DEVELOP Tube

    2 Videos

    American, b. 1944 After studying English and American literature at Cornell University in the mid sixties, Richard Kalvar worked in New York as assistant to French fashion photographer Jérôme…

  6. 39:07

    Eli Reed - Magnum

    by DEVELOP Tube

    6 Videos

    American, b. 1946 Eli Reed was born in the US and studied pictorial illustration at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, graduating in 1969. In 1982 he was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard…

  7. 14:07

    Martine Franck - Magnum

    by DEVELOP Tube

    2 Videos

    Belgian, b. 1938. Died 2012 Born in Belgium, Martine Franck grew up in the United States and in England. She studied art history at the University of Madrid and at the École du Louvre in…

  8. 38:00

    Thomas Hoepker - Magnum

    by DEVELOP Tube

    4 Videos

    German, b. 1936 Thomas Hoepker studied art history and archeology, then worked as a photographer for Münchner Illustrierte and Kristall between 1960 and 1963, reporting from all over the world.…

  9. 14:37:20

    The Archive as Project: Archeologia Fotografii

    by DEVELOP Tube

    22 Videos

    On May 13-14th, 2011 the Archeology of Photography Foundation in Warsaw, Poland, organises an interdisciplinary conference dedicated to the practice and theory/critique of the photographic archive.…

  10. 48:06

    Degree South

    by DEVELOP Tube

    6 Videos

    Degree South was formed in 2005 as an Australian photo collective made up of eight distinguished photojournalists. Their reach and audience has been global although there is an accent on their region…

  11. 58:23

    Documentary Arts Asia - Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival

    by DEVELOP Tube

    10 Videos

    In February 2012, Documentary Arts Asia hosted the first Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival. CDAF'12 is an annual festival bringing together documentary photographers and filmmakers in…

  12. 01:52:29

    Magnum Foundation

    by DEVELOP Tube

    19 Videos

    The Magnum Foundation focuses on production and distribution of in-depth documentary projects; awards and grants to aspiring photojournalists; and initiatives to preserve the archives of independent…

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