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I'm a Junior in Nature Coast technical high school this year! GO SHARKS!!! I have really awesome friends here at NCT, and School just wouldn't be the way it's supposed to without them. I usually type with complete grammar because I want to and it's a habit. I get confused easily, so just bear with me. I'm random... ummm yeah. I'm truthful, and I can't stand liars. Everyday is a new opportunity for a never ending adventure. I'll take on anything that comes my way, and nothings ever gonna stop me. Ever. So " never say goodbye. Because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting. " -Peter Pan

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  1. Devin Jaco commented on Meet My Car
    The mount is broken so it has to be held up with two hands, and it's pretty awkward to maneuver it around and use the slider. I could add an anti stabilizer to it through iMovie, but I'm just too lazy. :P
  2. Brad F. commented on Meet My Car
    Pretty good stabilization my friend. It's not perfect, but hey, strive for excellence, not perfection, and you shall be content.