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  1. DSLR - Magic Bullet Looks

    by Adam Gichie joined

    1,224 Videos / 560 Members

    This is a group for DSLR filmmakers using magic bullet looks. Exchange tips and settings, find out what works.. and what doesn't.

  2. Magic Bullet

    by Wes Brown joined

    7,124 Videos / 2,209 Members

    With so many people using Magic Bullet Looks in their videos, I thought it might be nice to have a place to share...not only videos, but possibly custom presets.

  3. Twixtor

    by Mark Kuczewski joined

    1,094 Videos / 1,081 Members

    This is for any video using Twixtor to slow them down in any way

  4. Slow/fast motion..

    by Alaric Campbell-Garratt joined

    1,282 Videos / 619 Members

  5. Windsurf

    by Jake Miller joined

    1,201 Videos / 207 Members

    This group is for windsurfers and non-windsurfers that enjoy the sport to share experiences, videos and more.

  6. Canon SX20 videos

    by Todd Walker joined

    31 Videos / 17 Members

    This group is for HD videos created by the Canon SX20 digital camera.

  7. The Canon SX1 Group

    by Kilimats ☂ joined

    521 Videos / 451 Members

    The SX1 vimeo group aims to share users experience and production around Canon PowerShot SX1 IS Hybrid Camera. Share your work and discuss everything around it. Check out the Canon 5D MKII Group:…

  8. www.lavela.tv

    by www.lavela.tv joined

    144 Videos / 17 Members

    WEb tv of Sail and Surf and Windsurf. The best of sailing World

  9. WindSurfing

    by stevekean joined

    1,849 Videos / 388 Members

    Windsurfing videos. Ok, S I C K Wind Surfing Videos!

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