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Theodoros Diamantis is a photographer,cinematographer end audio experimentalist. Since the early years of his life he loved taking pictures and music. In 2003 he moved to Rethymno - Crete where he studied Music Technology and Acoustics. There he developed his sound and photographic skills and had his first touch with cinema. Since then he has been photo/video shooting and sound recording/designing various projects.
He is always looking for exiting new ideas to work with.


  1. Dimitrios Papanastasiou
  2. Talos
  3. Pollo Olivera
  4. Playmodes
  5. UNKLE
  6. Simon Dennis
  7. Dimitris Gouziotis
  8. Argyris Theos
  9. Vangelis Papaevangeliou
  10. Paul Grillakis
  11. Heerko Groefsema
  12. DreamMaster Production
  13. Dimtiri Patrikios
  14. Eqvus Productions